About me

Why such a long name “Double rainbows after a storm”. Well, there is always a rainbow or rainbow of hope after a storm. Each one of us have experienced storm (unfortunate situation) in our lives. Some of us take time and some sail through it easily. This blog is to help people with mental health through Emotional Awareness.
I believe that emotional awareness is critical today with increasing technology. While my focus is on Emotional awareness with regards to mental health, it is also important in all walks of life.
My intentions in this blog is to explain emotional awareness in a simple way which everyone can relate to.
This blog is dedicated to advancing not only your emotional intelligence but also puts more light on healthy living. It is based on my experience and my learnings along with careful research into the theory and practice on Emotional awareness.
Double Rainbow after a Storm contains unique set of skills required to increase your ability to use your emotions effectively in even critical situation in your life.

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