Monday, July 1, 2019

DO NOT eat that Stale Pizza!


Really, how many of us do that? How many of us eat stale pizza, Probably none of us? But when it comes to toxic relationships, we keep thinking about that stale relationship. Keep talking about the hurt, which we already had a long time back. People don’t realize that the quality of their relationships can be just like a stale pizza or a toxic environment. In fact, unhealthy relationship can lead to stress and further leads to depression.
Relationships are hard and difficult to maintain. The need for human relationship is very normal, but the ability to handle relationships is very crucial. It is important to understand that not every relationship is fulfilling, and even healthy relationship can sometimes be disappointing.
Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes some relationships are overwhelming to handle. Some people take years to get over the relationship.
Healthy relationships require lot of hard work, dedication, and honesty. It is indeed very challenging. However, if you find a relationship which is bothering you and getting toxic in your life, you should discontinue such a relationship.

Liberate yourself from all the unwanted emotional baggage:
It is important that we express our feelings and emotions, but only when the event is fresh, and you want to express your emotions in a healthy and assertive way.  It is fine, as you learn from the past only to learn never to do those mistakes again. It is better to move on and get rid of the emotional baggage which has given you so much hurt. Acknowledge that as unwanted emotional baggage, stay away, don’t be confused or else you will brood over it again and again. Remember what I said about pizza, do not brood over it, like it was such a nice pizza, fresh, and cheesy. Forget that pizza, it is stale now, it’s not worth the same. Just forget it!

Toxic Relationship:

Your family Plays a major role in your emotional development and acts as a strong foundation for your emotional growth. It is said that; it takes two individuals to have a toxic relationship. However, not in all the cases. Sometimes, only one person creates toxic relations. Toxic relationships can be repaired if both the people are ready to work on it.
Some people experience toxic relationship within their family. Your family can be an immensely rewarding part of your life. However, if you allow your family to make you a victim, they can! The most common tool used in families for victimization is idealism. They have already written a book on family values. If you overlook these values, you are a bad son/daughter/family member. Such relationships are based on their high expectations which may even reach the peak of demand level. Aren’t all these more than enough to make your relationship toxic.
If for example one of your family members is unfair to you and is demanding, be realistic with him/her and set their expectations right. By saying ‘no’ to someone in your family does not make you bad or wrong. It only shows that you are not comfortable to help at this point in time, if they are angry with your decision, they are not expecting but demanding, they might even go ahead and call you selfish and they might even say to the extent that you don’t love them enough anymore. The worst is that they might break relations with you. That's how it becomes toxic.
Your friends and acquaintances can also be toxic at times. You need to choose your friends. Today, however, friendships are harder as conversations are through texting, arguments are on phone calls, and feelings become statuses and tweets. And yes, do not forget to like them or comment on social media or else you are not a true friend. Well, that’s how friends are judged today. You need to stay away from such favors and obligations. If they turn toxic, it is good idea to stay away from such people.
Learn to mentally and emotionally detach yourself from your unwanted toxic relationships. Positive relationships are an important part of a healthy emotional state and hence, make sure that you encourage positive relationships in your life.

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