Monday, June 24, 2019

What to do when you are in Depression

Mental health disease has increased and so is the Mental health awareness. While there are various blogs and websites on Mental health, I would still choose to write on Mental health awareness, because as they say more the better. I chose to write a blog on Emotional awareness, as Emotional awareness is critical today and people may talk about it, read and write about it, however, very few implement EQ in their lives. I want to help people with mental health, specially when I myself have been hit by this storm infamously known as depression and how I have been completely cured from my depression and now how I’m living a healthy lifestyle.
I would love to share my healing experience and also how I transformed myself from a depressed person to one of the happiest and balanced people. More than the causes, symptoms of depression, therapy, and medication, I would like to focus on how to regulate your emotions and transform yourself.

How to recover from Depression:

1. Start with Medication:

First and foremost, look for a good psychiatrist, someone who can prescribe you medication after careful evaluation of your emotions.

2. Insurance for mental health:
Check your insurance. Most insurance companies cover good psychiatrists and phycologists.

3. Stop guilt trap:
Once you know you have depression, avoid going into guilt. Today, depression is very common among people. One thing you need to do is be determined to get out of depression, make this your goal.

4. Change your lifestyle:
 If you are partying hard, slow down or give up on going to parties for some time until you are stable.

5. Quit Smoking and drinking:
If you smoke and drink you might have to stop that too. Smoking and drinking create toxins in our bodies. I will be posting more on this in my later posts.

6. Maintain a strict and consistent sleep schedule:
Sleep early and get up early. Give yourself adequate sleep. I know it’s difficult for someone in depression but it works. Just sleep at the same time every day. For example, if you decide to sleep at 9pm, you need to reach your bed by 8.30pm. So, you might fall asleep by 9pm. Your body clock adapts to the timings within a week.

7. Waking up early:
Get up early in the morning, before sunrise. Go for a walk and enjoy the sunrise. Go take your dog for a walk if you have one. Early morning sunrise is very positive for the mind. It is called sattvic energy in Hinduism.

8. Social media provides shallow relationships:
By now your social network may not be regular because of depression. However, it is better to stay away from people who won’t understand your state of mind and someone who might judge you or ridicule you in group. Today, though social media has connected people from different parts of the world. However, it can seldom connect a healthy relationship. You can keep in touch with people but, don’t get involved in their drama of self-boosting, competition, status symbol etc. what you need is peace of mind. You have lot of work to do on yourself.

9. Eat healthy:
Try to avoid packaged food, processed food and frozen foods. Try to eat fresh and healthy food, which boosts your mood immensely.

10. Go spiritual:
Go to a temple or church or mosque whichever you prefer. Spirituality transforms you and keeps you grounded. It connects you to your soul. Well, if you believe in god, it is great. If you don’t believe then skip this and move to another point.

11. Get Organized:
People who are doing jobs and are undergoing depression needs to take less stress in your job. Try to delegate your work to teammates. Organize your work, pre-plan your work schedule, this way you will know how much you need to finish your work so there are no surprises later. Try to go on time and leave office on time.
If you are not on a job yet, and you have time and money, you might want to join a class on something that you like, something that will keep you busy. Aerobics, yoga, swimming, anything that interests you which will divert your attention from depression and keep you healthy physically and mentally.

12. Keep a log on your mood:
Keep a log on your day to day moods. Once you start with your medication, you will start feeling better, start keeping a log of your mood, this will not only give you an idea of what triggered you to mood swings but, also motivate you towards your goal to get rid of depression. Keeping a log book on your food and mood will also give you an idea what food suits your system and which food provokes/changes your mood, as your gut and your mood are connected. I intent to write more on this topic as we go further.

13. Meditation:
Once you start with medication and you start feeling better, start meditating. Meditation makes you calmer, it brings you closer to YOU. It burns down your false ego, connects you to your soul, I can go on with more reasons. You need to try meditation just once. DO NOT take stress of everyday meditation. Do it within that week and then increase the amount of time in a week. Nowadays, you get apps for guided meditation. The one that I use is Insight timer.
As I said these are very few points that I am sharing with you, going forward, I want to share each point in detail, its role in healing your depression and also how it affects and transforms your being.

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